Strangely placed in the middle of yesterday’s Microsoft and Bethesda E3 conference, Halo Infinite’s time was short but very very sweet. We saw an unexpected campaign reveal detailing some more story elements, followed by multiplayer gameplay. This gameplay was very quick which made it easy to miss certain things. So lets take a deeper, slower look to find things which you might have missed.


The campaign reveal didn’t show a great deal outside of story elements. However, there were a few moments that could have been easily missed.

Discover Hope Links

Right off the bat, we see the Master Chief in a very familiar setting. It seems this campaign reveal starts up where E3 2019’s Discover Hope cinematic left off. We see Chief in the back of a Pelican with the bay door open as he runs and leaps out. 343 did in fact confirm that Discover Hope is the opening cutscene of Infinite. However the scene afterwards with the new Cortana looks like a separate scene altogether.

Master Chief’s Luck

The pilot returns in this new cinematic, but only in audio form via comm link to the Chief. He gives a short overview of the situation and how outnumbered the Master Chief is. As Chief floats through a wreckage in space, the pilot mentions how he has “one bullet against an entire army. What can you do on your own?” Chief then demonstrates his famous luck by using said “one bullet” to shoot a fusion coil clearing the way ahead. He then immediately comes across a new magazine for his gun. It’s nice to see that is still an explanation for the impossible in Halo.


The multiplayer reveal is where things were kicked up a gear. Lots of different features were shown in a very short and quick amount of time. There were a fair few cuts away from the action so missing parts was easy and you may have missed a few of these.

Woodland Camouflage Spartan

The first new feature we got to see was a camouflage. In the opening for the multiplayer section of the reveal, we see a spartan with a woodland camo on their armour. This will likely be one of Halo Inifinite’s controversial ‘coatings’ which were revealed a few months back to large scepticism. Rather than being able to pick a primary and secondary colour like usual in Halo, you will be able to unlock colour variations and patterns. It is nice to see camouflage in Halo though. This points towards there hopefully being a great variety of different types of coatings.

New Weapon and Equipment

We got to see a brand new weapon in this reveal. One which looks Forerunner in design as it resembles the Promethean weapons from Halo 4 and 5. This weapons looks and sounds like it needs to be charged up first. It fires multiple projectiles which can bounce off walls. Getting a kill with this triggers the amazing announcer voice of Jeff Steitzer letting you know you got a “bankshot!”

Speaking of getting kills round corners, the first piece of new equipment we got to see was a type of radar that highlighted enemies through walls. This allowed the player to throw a grenade and finish off the kill they weren’t able to get as the enemy took cover.

Another very interesting piece of equipment we were shown was a sort of deflector shield. It was used to deflect a Plasma Pistol shot. The player holds their wrist up to deflect the shot back at the sender taking down their shields. This is a game changer for anyone against the noob combo.

Chopper and Wasp Return

As for new vehicles, there were none. But we did get to see some returning vehicles. The big one is the Brute Chopper which hasn’t been seen since Halo 3. And with the Brutes and the Banished being the main antagonists of Infinite it only makes sense, and it looks amazing.

The other vehicle we got to see was the Wasp from Halo 5. This likely means we won’t be seeing a return of the Hornet from Halo 3, but hopes are high for a return of the Falcon from Reach.

Robotic Arms

On the subject of Halo: Reach, robotic arms looks to be returning as a customisation item. It was a real blink and you’ll miss it moment. As this Spartan pulls off a worldy sniper shot in the air, they fall down to the ground for a melee attack on another Spartan. Here we see the robotic arm.

Sgt Johnson Memorial

Since his death in Halo 3, fan favourite character Sergeant Johnson hasn’t really had much mention or reference. So it’s nice to see that one of Infinite’s multiplayer maps takes place at an institute named after him. It’s certainly what he would have wanted. He’ll be sent out with more than just a bang.

Grappling Weapons

343 really pushed the grappling hook in this reveal. There were lots of scenes showing it being used. But the real surprise with it came when the player used it to pull a weapon from a fallen enemy into their hands. This will really shake up the gameplay, and not just from friendly vs enemy perspective. I can see lots of instances where teammates steal power weapons from each other.

AI Companion

Probably the only thing from the reveal that we haven’t had an answer to yet was the AI companion. At least that’s what I think it is. During the multiplayer section, the player walks over a plate with a hologram above it as seen below. A computer voice then begins speaking to them. It’s not really shown what this does as the player just carries on as normal. We may be receiving more information about this in today’s multiplayer overview.

Weapon Launching

Finally, we see a Spartan donning a samurai inspired set of armour complete with katana which harks back to Halo 3’s Hayabusa armour. But it’s what we see this space age samurai do that has us excited. When the perspective changes to first person, the player throws a grenade over to an Energy Sword. The grenade explodes, launching the sword to the player. Something that’s not been properly possible since the original Halo CE. I look forward to seeing the trick shots pulled off with this.

There will surely be lots more to learn in the multiplayer overview which you can watch over on the Halo YouTube channel or by clicking here!

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