When we last left off on our adventure, our brave crew had made it to the Ferry of the Damned and secured a checkpoint. Now, it’s time to continue on to the final leg of this tall tale. It’s time to continue our A Pirate’s Life walkthrough!

If you’re just starting your Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life journey, beware because you’re in the wrong place. Visit Part 1 or Part 2 of A Pirate’s Life walkthrough to get started on this treacherous adventure to save Captain Jack Sparrow.

You and your crew have reached the ship. Move to the back to the Ferry of the Damned and you will find way up. Climb the ladder and listen to the Ferryman give some convenient exposition on what is about to happen. Then, the ship will set sail.

Get Below Deck

You will need to get below deck. To do this, head to the Well of Fates and light it with your lantern. This will create an opening for you to drop down below.

This is a good time to resupply with any food you might need, as there will be crates nearby when you drop down.

Next, head over to a door with a lantern next to it. The lantern needs to be lit, so hold your lantern up to it. Doing so will open the door, allowing your crew to pass.

Through that door, you’ll see a sarcophagus on the floor. Upon entering the room, you’ll find that there are two more. The lids on each of them can be moved by selecting the prompt when you stand in front of them. Move the lid on the sarcophagus standing up on the left side of the room. It will reveal a lantern that you need to light with the Flame of Souls. Next to the gated door on the right side is another lantern. Light that too.

The door will open, and you will descend down the stairs to the prison cells. Walk to the end and a recognizable face will be in his cell.

A Daring Escape

You see Jack Sparrow here for the first time, trying to convince a very good boy to give him the keys to the cell. Alas, Jack is unsuccessful, but that’s why you’re here!

Sadly you can’t give the good puppers a treat, but you can get the keys and let Jack out of his cell. Select the prompt to use the key and Jack will be free.

At this point, you’ll receive a commendation for “The Prisoner: Release a prisoner from their captivity”.

Follow Jack as he heads back up to the main deck. You’ll notice that he comes in and out of view – maybe Jack isn’t quite alive? He will also tell you more of the story as he leads the way.

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When you get to the deck, the Ferryman will be quite unhappy with all of you. A large scolding will ensue about the consequences for your actions. However, you’ll see the consequences for yourself shortly when Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman emerge from beneath the sea!

The Final Battle

You’ll have to battle the Flying Dutchman and her crew while trying to defend Jack. Near the locked captain’s quarters on the Ferry of the Damned, there is an ample supply of both food and cannonballs for you, so be sure to use them.

Engage the Flying Dutchman in combat, continuing to fire cannons at her when the ship makes each pass. In between these cannon exchanges, crew members from the Dutchman will board the Ferry of the Damned to attack you.

One such crew member is engaged in battle with Jack, and you cannot get to him to assist. Don’t worry about this – there’s nothing you can do to affect the result of this confrontation.

Once you have caused enough damage, Jack will be taken away on board the Dutchman, and your adventure with the first tall tale of A Pirate’s Life has come to an end.

As a result of earning the commendation for completing A Pirate’s Life, you’ll receive a reward of the Cursed Captain’s hat:

If you complete and earn every commendation in A Pirate’s Life, you will receive the Cursed Captain’s sail:

The Ferryman will send you back on your way, back through the Tunnel of the Damned, returning you to the Sea of Thieves. There, you and your crew can head to any outpost to continue the search for Jack Sparrow!

Check back often for our next Sea of Thieves guide, including more of our Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life tall tale walkthrough. Next up is The Sunken Pearl tall tale walkthrough!

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