If you’re a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, then the Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life announcement today at E3 likely got you pretty excited. Revealed during the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, A Pirate’s Life is a free expansion for Sea of Thieves that launches on June 22.

The A Pirate’s Life expansion features Jack Sparrow and the rest of the gang from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. A Pirate’s Life will be a full separate story in the Sea of Thieves experience, and showed off adventure on land, raiding for plunder, and ship battles at sea with the likes of Davey Jones.

Sea of Thieves has had a successful run since it first launched in 2018, but it has long been missing any real narrative driven experience. The result of this has been a game that relies on players to define their own experience. While this has proven to be great for some, Rare has consistently been asked by the community for a meaningful narrative that gives Sea of Thieves more purpose than doing missions that can seem, at times, repetitive.

A Pirate’s Life has the promise to do exactly that. At the same time, it brings recognizable characters into the game and gives Sea of Thieves further credibility. Players will not only get a story mode, but they’ll experience it as if they are taking part in a Pirates of the Caribbean adventure. Not only is Jack Sparrow there, but Davey Jones, Gibbs, Calypso, and many more join him. This is an opportunity to have your very own Pirates of the Caribbean adventure right in the world of Sea of Thieves!

This expansion has everything a lot of players have been hoping for: something to tie everything together. Now, the sea voyages will have more meaning. So will the excursions on land. Fighting skeletons and ghosts will just be a lot more fun, and I dare anyone to tell me it won’t. Finally, the ship battles will have so much more weight. Having to face the Flying Dutchman and stand your ground on the open sea will be nothing short of amazing.

A Pirate’s Life is exactly what Sea of Thieves needed. How do I know? It’s what is going to get me and everyone else I have talked to about it today back into the game when it launches on June 22. From that standpoint, it is a huge success for Rare already.

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