Microsoft have stealthily added a Halo Infinite dynamic background to Xbox Series consoles. The background features Halo Infinite‘s key art of Master Chief in front of a Halo ring’s grassy and mountainous landscape. Beams of light will occasionally shoot up from different spots, as well as a Pelican to the left of Chief, which constantly moves up and down.

A second dynamic background, ‘Game Pass’, was also added simultaneously, which is based off the profile theme of the same name. Dynamic features of this background include a moving staircase, a floating pixelated heart and a glowing corridor.

Both newly-added themes are available right now and completely free! No update is required, however a hard reset of your console may be necessary for the backgrounds to appear.

An Xbox Series console on the Dynamic Background menu, hovering over the Halo Infinite background. The background features Master Chief in front of a mountainous terrain with futuristic buildings.
Halo Infinite‘s dynamic background. [Credit to u/Hello_Im_Swat on Reddit]

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How to Use the Halo Infinite or Game Pass Dynamic Background

To use the Halo Infinite dynamic background on your own Xbox Series console, head to ‘Settings’. From there, go straight into ‘Personalization’ from the ‘General’ tab. Scroll down to ‘My background’, select ‘Dynamic backgrounds’ and scroll to the right until you find the background. Note that dynamic backgrounds are only available on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

What are Dynamic Backgrounds?

Dynamic backgrounds are animated backgrounds exclusive to Xbox Series consoles. All dynamic backgrounds are completely free and the majority adapt to your chosen color. There are 12 to choose from, however Halo Infinite marks the first directly based on a game. Other backgrounds include waves, ripples and an homage to the original Xbox’s menu, aptly named ‘The Original’.

A background featuring a lime-green blob constantly morphing shape with rings and a green background of many hexagons.
‘The Original

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