It’s a new month, and that means the MLB The Show 21 4th Inning program is launching. With it comes new bosses to get at 350,000 XP, along with a host of other goodness.

As always, you can earn XP in MLB The Show just by playing. That means any game mode, single player or online. If you get hooked on Franchise for a while, you still earn XP toward the 4th Inning program with every game you play. The higher the difficulty setting you play on, the more XP you will earn.

The MLB The Show 21 4th Inning program begins on July 1 and ends on July 30. The innings programs allow you to earn different rewards including players, stubs, and cosmetic items as you climb the XP ladder all the way to 650,000. At 350,000 XP, you will earn your choice of one of the three 4th Inning bosses.

MLB The Show 21 4th Inning Bosses

When you reach 350,000 XP, you will receive your choice of the three 4th Inning bosses. You can only choose one, so choose wisely!

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For the 4th Inning program, the bosses are:

  • Christy Mathewson – Starting Pitcher, Giants, 99 Overall
  • Eddie Murray – First Baseman, Baltimore Orioles, 99 Overall
  • Wander Franco, Shortstop, Tampa Bay Rays, 99 Overall

The MLB The Show 4th Inning program marks the first time you can earn a 99 Overall player in an innings program in this year’s game.

How to Earn Bonus XP

The MLB The Show 21 4th Inning conquest map

There are several ways to earn bonus XP towards the MLB The Show 4th Inning program. Here are the ways you can do it:

  • Collection: Complete the 3rd Inning collection of Dennis Eckersley, Troy Glaus, and Grady Sizemore for a nice 50,000 XP to get you started!
  • Conquest: Complete the 4th Inning of July Conquest map to receive an extra 25,000 XP.
  • Task: Tally 15 strikeouts with any Diamond Pitchers in online modes for 3,750 XP.
  • Task: Tally 5 saves with any Diamond Pitchers in online modes for 3,750 XP.
  • Nelson Cruz: Collect Awards Nelson Cruz from his Evolution Program for 20,000 XP.
  • Task: Tally 20 hits with any Prospects, Future Stars, or Rookie Series players in online modes for 5,000 XP.
  • Task: Wil 10 games in competitive online modes for 5,000 XP.
  • Whitey Ford: Collect the Signature Whitey Ford from his Evolution Program for 20,000 XP.

Gotta Get Em All!

Have to earn every single reward in every MLB The Show Innings program? Here’s what you’ll get every step of the way as you work your way up to 650,000 XP.

LevelXP AmountItem Earned
15,000“Airplane” Stadium Sound + 3000 Stubs
210,000One MLB The Show Pack
317,500One Standard Ballplayer Pack
425,0004th of July Universal Nameplate +3000 Stubs
532,500One Diamond Unlockables Pack +3000 Stubs
640,000One Standard Ballplayer Pack
755,000One Set 14 Headliners Pack
870,000 Five MLB The Show Packs
985,000One Standard Ballplayer Pack
10100,0004th Inning Diamond Choice Pack
89 OV Rollie Fingers, 88 OV Tony Perez, 88 OV John Smoltz
11115,000“Bruh” Stadium Sound
12130,000 Easton Patriotic Batter’s Glove +3000 Stubs
13145,000 “42” Pack – Choose One Player
14160,000Baltimore Orioles 1966 Home Uniform
15175,0004th Inning Diamond Classics Choice Pack
91 OV Tommy Edman, 90 OV Joc Pederson, 90 OV Trevor May
16190,000Universal Profile Icon +5000 Stubs
17205,000Gold Ballplayer Pack
18220,000“Put It On The Board” Home Run Call +5000 Stubs
19235,000 Patriotic Lizard Skins Ballplayer Item
20250,000Louisville Slugger Patriotic Bat
21270,000Stance Patriotic Socks
22290,000Legend Icons Choice Pack + 5000 Stubs
23310,000 Gold Ballplayer Pack + 5000 Stubs
24330,000 San Francisco Giants 1958 Home Uniform
25350,0004th Inning Boss Choice Pack
99 OV Christy Mathewson, 99 OV Eddie Murray, 99 OV Wander Franco
26380,000Ballin’ Is A Habit Pack
27410,000Franklin Patriotic Batting Glove
28470,000Tampa Bay Rays 1999 Road Uniform +5000 Stubs
29480,000Ten MLB The Show Packs
30500,000Classic Stadium Choice Pack
31530,000Ten MLB The Show Packs
32560,000Diamond Ballplayer Pack
33590,000Kitchen Sink 1 Pack
34620,000Kitchen Sink 2 Pack
35650,000 Diamond 90+ Live Series Choice Pack

Watch for our features on which boss player to take, as well as tips on earning XP fast to get all the way through the MLB The Show 21 4th Inning Program!

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