Xbox and Bethesda take the stage at E3 today, and there is a lot of anticipation about what they will show at E3 2021. In the 90-minute showcase, Xbox is expected to showcase a lot of Halo Infinite, as well as a possible reveal of Forza Horizon 5. There will be other surprise reveals and presumably a couple of acquisition announcements too.

Bethesda is rumored to be showing off Starfield in a big way. Starfield is a highly anticipated game that we really don’t know too much about yet. Whether a release date is announced remains to be seen. Bethesda is rumored to also show off more from The Elder Scrolls Online, as well as maybe a new game or two as well. There is no word on whether they will showcase Deathloop, a timed PlayStation 5 exclusive, on today’s show.

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