Bombardier Beetles are powerful enemies in Grounded, but they also hold the key to some extremely useful items, such as Bombardier Parts. With Bombardier Parts, you can craft the Insect Axe, which allows you to chop down Husky Weeds and Toadstools. This guide will cover everything that you need to know to get Bombardier Parts in Grounded, including where to find Bombardier Beetles and how to take them on without dying.

How To Find Bombardier Beetles In Grounded

Grounded Bombardier Parts

Bombardier Beetles are commonly found in the South-West corner of Grounded’s map. If you are struggling to find any, two will always be located atop a large rock in the same section. To find them, look upwards until you spot the garden rake, and then walk along it until you reach the top. Two Bombardier Beetles will be waiting.

Bombardier Beetles are extremely challenging and can wipe you out within seconds, so you need to come prepared. Make sure to read our guide on how to get an Ant Club if you want a great weapon early in the game. You can also get a full set of Acorn armor using our guide here.

With your weapons and armor prepared, head over to the Bombardier Beetles. Ideally, you want to wait until they separate, so that you can lure one away and fight it alone.

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How To Kill Bombardier Beetles In Grounded

Grounder Bombardier Parts

When you have the Bombardier Beetle’s attention, it’s time to fight. There are two attacks that you need to watch out for: the Bombardier’s melee attack, and its ranged acid bombs.

The melee attack is easy enough to block or parry. It does quite a bit of damage, but you should be able to recover easily enough. As mentioned before, armor is cruicial if you want to survive these hits. If you aren’t great at parrying, you can also move out of the attack’s range before the Bombardier lunges forward.

However, the ranged acid attack is much harder to dodge. The Bombardier Beetle will fire out balls of acid that explode when they hit the ground. This leaves acidic goo on the floor that harms anyone standing in the area. The ranged attack does a lot of damage, and it will keep harming you over time. If you find yourself in the acid, make it a priority to get out and use a bandage. This allows you to get some health back before continuing the fight.

You might assume that the best way to avoid the Bombardier’s powerful ranged attack would be to get close.

This isn’t the case.

If you are near the Bombardier Beetle for a prolonged period of time, it will drop an acid bomb directly underneath itself. This can easily catch you off guard and quickly wipe a team by damaging any players in close proximity.

The key to success when fighting a Bombardier is to keep within short-medium range and focus on avoiding any acid attacks. When the Bombardier Beetle comes closer and uses its melee attack, parry and then move in for a counter-attack. As the Bombardier recovers, move back and wait for another chance to strike.

When you kill the Bombardier Beetle, you can interact with its body to gather some materials, which may include Bombardier Parts.

That’s everything that you need to know to get Bombardier Parts in Grounded. Have you fought the Broodmother boss yet? What are you hoping for in future Grounded updates? Let us know in the comments below, or over on our Discord, where you can join our growing community!

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