Welcome to Generation Xbox’s Fortnite guide to the Legendary Quests for Week 6! Like every week, completing all six of these quests will net you a very generous total of 180,000 XP! Let’s get a moo-ve on and jump straight into it.

Get Slone’s orders from a Payphone

As is tradition every week, we need to receive Slone’s orders. Simply land at any payphone on the map and interact with it for an easy 15,000 XP reward. Dr. Slone will fill you in on the aim for this week, which is gathering intel on the aliens and their UFOs.

Place Prepper Supplies in Hayseed’s Farm

At least someone’s prepared, right? Land at Hayseed’s farm, the smaller farm to the East of Corny Complex, and place supplies simply by walking over to a hologram and interacting with it. There are five total spots, but you’ll only need to place one. Their locations are marked on our handy map below.

Deal damage to opponents in farms

Land at Corny Complex or Hayseed’s Farm to the East and quickly stock up on shields, ammo and weapons. You can complete this challenge by doing a total of 25 damage to any player, which is a very small amount. However if you need it the damage number adds up over time.

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Use an Inflate-A-Bull

[Editor’s Note: The Inflate-A-Bull has been disabled due to a bug, so this quest will now auto-complete itself. We will let you know if this quest is re-enabled]

Inflate-A-Bull is a brand moo- ahem, new item added to Fortnite this week. It attaches to the back of the player and allows them to blow up an inflatable cow to roll and/or bounce away to their heart’s content. It also kills a parasite attached to your head, should you have one. The only drawback is that this makes aliens in UFOs much more likely to abduct you. This udderly fantastic item is available randomly in normal and IO chests. If you’d like to fast-track this challenge, you can buy one directly from Rick in the satellite station East of Weeping Woods for 25 gold. Simply use the item by jumping twice and you’ve earned yourself a nice 30,000 XP.

Place Cow Decoys in Farms

Similar to the ‘Place Prepper Supplies in Hayseed’s Farm’ quest, you will need to land at either Corny Complex or Hayseed’s Farm and interact with blue holograms to place cow decoys. You can find out their locations in the map below. You’ll only need to place three to earn your 30,000 XP and move on to the final quest.

Damage an alien-driven Saucer

No doubt you’ve showered bullets down on a lot of Saucers this season, one more won’t hurt, right? Land at any POI with its name in purple, quickly grab a gun or two and shoot at the Saucers in the sky. You only need to do 25 damage, which, like the ‘Deal damage to opponents in farms’ quest, stacks up between games and UFOs. Let the Saucers eat enough lead and you’re done for the legendary quests this week!

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