Alien artifacts are resources used in Fortnite Season 7 to personalize Kymera, the customizable alien skin included in this season’s Battle Pass. Every week on Thursday, a handful of artifacts are hidden around the map. Collecting one artifact on the map will net you with four artifacts to spend in the customization screen.

That means collecting all five hidden artifacts this week will land you with a generous twenty alien artifacts to use however you want! Here’s how to find all of the alien artifacts during week 5 of Fortnite Season 7.

Artifact #1: Believer Beach

The first artifact is located in Believer Beach. Land on the left of the two houses in the South-East Break down the leftmost part of the roof and your first alien artifact will be waiting for you.

Artifact #2: Pleasant Park

The next artifact is bang smack in the middle of Pleasant Park. Land outside of the gazebo in the center and walk in. The artifact will be floating near the ceiling, so hit a few bushes outside and build a ramp up to claim your second artifact of the week.

Artifact #3: North-East of Craggy Cliffs

Interestingly, this artifact isn’t in a POI like most others. This one is on flat ground North-East of Craggy Cliffs and directly north of the satellite station nearby. The area is recognisable by three small hills and a campsite. The artifact is waiting for you in the shade of one of the trees behind the camp.

Artifact #4: Retail Row

The fourth artifact this week is located in the South of Retail Row. Land behind the phone booth to the right of the basketball court and the artifact will be in plain sight.

Artifact #5: Misty Meadows

The fifth and final artifact for week 5 is located in Misty Meadows. Land on the very top of the clocktower in the South, break the roof and the last artifact will be inside. Or, if you’re like me, fall all the way down and build your way up again. The first option is easier, though.

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