Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Update – March 23 – 30

Fallout 76

Do you smell that in the air? It’s Springtime, and the Atomic Shop just recently stocked up on some Easter-themed items for your C.A.M.P. The Atomic Shop is giving away six different colored Deathclaw eggs, but the catch is, you have to find them. You can find different Easter Deathclaw eggs hidden in the Atomic Shop on different days and with limited availability! Don’t worry, these eggs won’t hatch, but they will be perfect decorations for your C.A.M.P. to get into the Easter spirit!

Once you collect all six eggs, a surprise will be waiting for you in your crafting station.

Atomic Shop
ItemAvailable FromAvailable Until
Classic Deathclaw Easter EggMarch 23March 27
Patterned Deathclaw Easter EggMarch 25March 29
Paint Splotch Deathclaw Easter EggMarch 27March 31
Pink Flower Deathclaw Easter EggMarch 29April 2
Onyx Deathclaw Easter EggMarch 31April 4
Flowery Deathclaw Easter EggApril 2April 6

There is only so much time left for these eggs, so make sure you make your way to Atomic Shop this week!

Atomic Shop: Get These While They’re Still Here!

Did you ever think that America’s pastime could ever survive a nuclear apocalypse? Fallout 76 think so, and that is why in the Atomic Shop, you can get all the latest items to show off your sport attitude! Without all of the archive footage of pre-war baseball games that were watched in Vault 76, you must have been looking for a way to quench your thirst for your love of baseball. The Atomic Shop offers memorabilia, weapons, and decorations that’ll remind you of your love for the sport!

Always wanted to be an Umpire? Well, look no further because now you can sport the look while charging at the Grafton Monster. Take your new Wiffle Ball bat for a spin against ghouls and scorched alike and bring baseball to the masses.

ItemAtom PriceAvailable Until
Sports Week Bundle1200April 13
Umpire of the Apocalypse Outfit900 630(30% Off!)April 13
Grafton Monster Mascot Outfit600 420(30% Off!)April 13
Stanley Hock Stick with Trophies (Grognak Axe skin)500April 13
Sports Wallpaper Set500April 13
Bowling Ball loot bag500April 13
Wiffle Ball bat300April 13
Sports Nostalgia Photomode Frame150April 13

Grahm’s Sweet Digs

Remember the awesome Grahm fit that the Atomic Shop introduced last week? Well, it is still available for all players for a limited time! Strut around Appalachia in Supermutant garbs, catching the attention of everyone around.

ItemAtom PriceAvailable Until
Grahm’s Green Super Mutant Bundle1200April 6
Super Mutant Outfit700April 6
Copperhead Paint – Plasma Gatling Skin500April 6
Super Mutant Backpack500April 6
Grahm Plushie300April 6
Green Menace Photo Frame150April 6
Green Menace Player Icon50April 6
Super Mutant Sledge500 350(30% Off!)March 23 (Not Available)
Green Boy Player Icon150 75(50% Off!)March 23 (Not Available)

Don’t Call It A Comeback

Discontinued items from the Atomic Shop are now available again for players who missed previous opportunities. As of now, there isn’t an expiration date on when you can get these items, so make sure you make time to check them out!

ItemAtom Price
Plague Rider1,400
Flyboy Bundle1,200
Communist Bunker C.A.M.P. Bundle1,000
Drifter Outfit900 630(30% Off!)
Mothman Hunter Outfit900 630(30% Off!)
Death Ray Bug Zapper500 350(30% Off!)
Hunting Lodge Furniture Set700 490(30% Off!)
Burning Torch Super Sledge Skin500 350(30% off!)

So Long, Farewell…

It is time to say goodbye to Nuka-Cola. Well, not forever and certainly not the bottles you find around Appalachia. It is time to say goodbye to the Nuka-Cola merch that was once available in the Atomic Shop. Now, to make room for the new items, some older ones have to leave. The Nuka-Cola items were many player’s favorites, and you can still grab some items before 12 PM EST on March 30.

ItemAtom PriceAvailable Until
Cappy’s Nuka-Cola Train Bundle1500March 30
Nuka-Cola Train Table500March 30
Nuka-Cola Patio Set500March 30
Nuka-Cola Power Connectors250March 30
Nuka-Cola Display Rack250March 30
Cappy Area Rug250March 30
Nuka-Cola Curtain Door250March 30

Atomic Shop: Weekly Offers

The Atomic Shop always has some simple weekly offers that it includes along with the initial sellers. Here is what is new and how long they are available!

ItemAtom PriceAvailable FromAvailable Until
Red Scare Power Armor Skin1,400 1,120(20% Off!)March 23March 30
Wooden inlay Lever Action Rifle Paint500 250(50% Off!)March 27April 2
Double Headed Chally Costume800 560(30% Off!)March 23March 24
Blue Brahmin Grill500 350(30% Off!)March 24March 25
Hazmat Meat Cooler Backpack500 250(50% Off!)March 25March 26
Vault-Tec Cuckoo Clock300 150(50% Off!)March 26March 27
Camo Hunting Rifle Skin500 250(50% Off!)March 27March 28
Bone Raider Excavator Power Armor1,000 700(30% Off!)March 28March 29
Starlet Sniper Outfit1,400 840(40% Off!)March 29March 30
Scrap Kit x 20 and Repair Kit x 20 (Fallout 1st)1,000 800(20% Off!)March 23March 30
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