When we last left off in our Sea of Thieves: The Sunken Pearl guide, you and your brave crew had made it almost to the top of the Siren’s Spire. Let’s not stop now!

If you’re just starting out on your Sunken Pearl journey, ye be in the wrong place! Look here instead for Part 1 of our Sunken Pearl guide!

You and your crew will notice a large skeleton spine leading up to another level. Take that and continue along the path until you find another barrier.

There will be another statue present, as well as another glowing object near the barrier. Use your weapon on it to be able to continue on past the barrier to the next area of the Tall Tale.

You’ve Reached the Top of the Spire

You’ve made it to the top! Don’t get too excited, you have a ways to go yet on this adventure. In the chamber at the top of the spire, you will hear the same voice as before threatening you once more. We’ll deal with her soon enough, so instead look to the shiny objects at the end of the chamber.

Go to them, and you’ll discover the Tridents of Dark Tides. Pick one up, and let’s use it! As a note, the Trident of Dark Tides is not like a normal weapon in your inventory. When you carry it, you cannot sprint and you cannot access other items in your inventory. If you want to heal or look at the compass, you’ll have to put the trident down.

It’s now time to battle the Siren Queen – okay, maybe just her Royal Guard this time. Grab your trident, jump through the barrier, and let’s do battle!

The battle against the Queen’s Royal Guard has some strategy to it. You cannot just go in Rambo style and expect to have good results. First, the more you stay on the bottom of the chamber, the better. There are plenty of air bubbles down there to keep you from losing losing health from drowning.

Second, you’ll have to manage food inventory and using food vs the trident. Not all food heals equally. Pineapples heal the most, and bananas the least. Probably a good idea to take as many pineapples as you can find.

Remember, you cannot access your inventory or consume food while holding the Trident of Dark Tides, so you will have to drop it when you need to replenish health. It won’t sink when you drop it though, so you should be able to remain mobile.

Finally, tridents have a set charge which is determined by how bright the crystal on it is glowing. Once they are out of charge, they will disintegrate.

Once you have defeated the last of the Queen’s Royal Guard, the final dastardly foe slain will drop a Siren Heart. Pick it up, as this is how we will gain access to the Citadel.

You and your crew will also receive another Commendation. “For the Crew: Triumph When Adversity Strikes Without Warning” will appear on your screen.

The Sunken Pearl Guide: The Citadel

Jack’s compass will point you in the direction you need to go – to the doors of the Citadel. The entrance is blocked by a huge door which has Siren statues near it. Sound familiar?

Take the Siren Heart and fine the statue that needs it. Again, the prompt “Return Siren Heart” will appear when you have approached the correct one.

You’ll need to move the statues into the right positions again. This time, the drawing is on the door itself. Move both small statues so the left arm is holding the trident in the down position, then engage the larger Siren statue again.

The large door should open downward, allowing you to enter. Hurry though, the door won’t stay down for long. If you miss it, you will need to engage the large statue again.

Once inside, there will be two large barriers ahead. You can’t pass through here. Instead, look to the small opening on the left of the barriers. You can swim through there.

It will lead you to another barrier, and you will have to engage the bright plant near the barrier to get through – just like before. Once you’re through swim to the top and refill on air. There are no bubbles to help you refill on air in this cavern.

In this second cavern, you’ll have to solve another statue puzzle. Position the statues like this:

  • Chain – High
  • Plant – Low
  • Mineral – Middle

Once that is complete, you’ll need to interact with the main statue. You can’t reach it, but you can hit it with a range weapon when you’re at the top of the chamber with your head above water. Fire, and it will trigger a sequence where all the water drains from the chamber.

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It’s time to do battle once again, so dispatch the waves of Ocean Crawlers that appear. There will be three waves in total.

Then, head to the pulley that is somewhat near the huge door. Engage the pulley and press up on it to lower the door. One important thing – the door is slow to start lowering. Be patient. You’re not doing anything wrong. If you give up on it and look for other solutions because the door won’t open right away, you’ll regret wasting the time later.

Continue Your Ascent

You can’t climb the perimeter of the cavern, but lucky for us, there’s a large amount of ship wreckage literally hanging out in the cavern. How convenient for us!

Next to where you entered the cavern, there will be two large chains, and a pully very near them. Head to that pulley.

On the south end of the room, there is a large curved section of ship that the pulley will control. Engage with the pulley when you see the prompt, and push up to lower the pulley down. Again, be a bit patient when you first press up.

Once the piece of the ship is lowered, you’ll have to hurry a bit when heading over to it, as it will raise back up on its own. Get inside and enjoy the ride up!

Once you’re there, look to your right. You can make the jump to the rocks now and make the climb up. Follow the path from there, and take the rock path up until you can jump onto the top of the ship ahead.

Now, it’s time for another Siren statue puzzle. From the top of the ship, you’ll be able to see the main statue you’ll have to shoot at the end. Around the room, the others can be seen as well.

If you need ammo, there’s an ammo box on the ship too. You will absolutely need a pistol or rifle for this puzzle.

Head to the right and you’ll see the drawing on the wall. Here’s the layout for how the Siren statues need to be arranged this time:

  • Chain – Low
  • Plant – High
  • Mineral – Middle

You will have to shoot each of the statues this time, as you cannot reach them. Once you’ve done that, return to the top of the ship to shoot the large statue. Again, a stone face will pour more water into the chamber, allowing you to go up to the next level.

Once the water has raised, you’ll be able to reach the ladder that is attached to the platform in the center of the room. This will allow you to climb up and enter the chamber where the main statue is.

Head to the platform and use the pulley when standing on it. When the prompt hits, select it and press down to raise the platform.

Once you’re at the top, head right. Make your way through the chamber and the tunnel that’s on the far side. You’ll find another glowing plant at the end of it. Take out your cutlass and give it a good whack! You’re onward through the barrier.

That’s it for Part 2 of our Sunken Pearl guide! Look out for Part 3 of our Sunken Pearl guide coming soon!

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