We’ve just defeated the evil Black Dog Briar on the beach, and it’s time for our brave crew to continue with our Sea of Thieves: Captains of the Damned guide. If you’re just starting Captains of the Damned, ye be in the wrong place, matey!

Part 1 of our Captains of the Damned guide can be found here.

Now that Black Dog Briar is defeated (for now), we must move on! Once his fleet retreats, board your ship and set sail to the southeast toward the to beacons lit in the sea.

Head through the caves and make your way to Isla Tesoro, which is under siege from a ghost ship. Dock, and head onto land to continue our adventure.

Here, you can either head into town to continue the Tall Tale, or take a slight detour to get the “Strike Yer Colours!” Commendation. Go here for help completing the “Strike Yer Colours!” Commendation.

Continue into the town and you’ll see a gang of ghosts drowning Carlos by the well. On the well, there is a key that you’ll need to get the “Treasure For Eternity” Commendation. Grab it and continue on.

Past the area where poor Carlos meets his fate, you will see a clothing shop and Jack Sparrow is outside it. Open the door and join him as he enters. Note: there will be a journal on the left when you enter the shop, if you want to read it.

Open the latch to the right and exit the clothing shop onto the path. There, you will see another journal on top of a wooden crate as you make your way down the path. You will come to a bridge leading towards an auction scene. Cross it.

Walk towards the people at the auction and take a left before you get to them. There will be stairs heading up – take those. You’ll see Jack walking through a gate, indicating the direction you need to head in.

We can’t open the gate, so you’ll need to find another way. Spot the pulley across from the gate and use that to raise yourself up on the platform. There, you will find another pulley you can use to bring a platform down to you. Use that platform to jump to the platforms on the side of the wall that the large gate is on.

Once you’re there and safely across, you’ll see another pulley that raises a platform which allows you to jump across more. You’ll find yet another pulley that lifts the wooden doors for three cannons, giving you more platforms to jump across. Once across, you’ll see a place to enter inside the wall.

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There will be a stone path to walk on – continue on that. You’ll reach the exit with some stairs that take you down into a jail of sorts. When there, you must follow the paw prints on the ground to find the jail keys.

Once you have them, go back to the jail cell where the ghost pirates were asking you to help them, and open the cell for them. This will get you the Commendation “Key to Freedom”.

Go back into the room you entered when you followed the good boy with the keys. There will be a hole in the wall and some stairs you can climb. Use the key once again to unlock the gate at the top of the stairs.

You’ll see two pulleys in the room. Use them both to move the platforms out so you can jump across. But, don’t jump yet! Look into the adjacent room through the bars and see a rope that can be cut/shot. Take out your pistol and shoot the rope, releasing another platform to make the jump across easier.

Jump across until you’re in the room with the weak rope you shot. Continue on your way until you see a well with a pulley next to it in a courtyard. Use the pulley to raise the bucket and take the treasury key from the bucket. Next to the well, there’s a door that key will unlock.

Here you’ll meet Jack again, and also get the Commendation for “Treasure Hoard”.

Captains of the Damned Guide: Get off Isla Tesoro

Head up the stairs. At this point, you’ll start encountering ghosts who aren’t friendly. Cut them down as you make your way up the stairs and into the main area.

Before you can get back to your ship, you will need to defeat many evil ghosts. There will be barriers in the courtyard preventing you from progressing until you have defeated the enemies.

Finally, in the final courtyard you will meet Black Dog Briar once again! Defeat him and all of the evil ghosts will be gone from Isla Tesoro!

Head back to your ship and look for the beacons in the distance – they’ll look like two green lights. Sail towards them.

As you follow the beacons, you’ll be witness to a battle between the Flying Dutchman and the Black Pearl. Follow the ships and the beacons and enjoy the show.

Finally, you will see the kraken defeat Jack Sparrow (the ghost version) and two more beacons will light. Follow them to arrive at the Tavern of the Damned.

Tavern of the Damned

Once you’ve docked your ship, head up the dock and into the Tavern of the Damned. But, you can’t get in straight away! However, a friendly face is here to help. The Cursed Captain from the first Tall Tale is here, and he lets you inside.

You’ll find Jack Sparrow inside, and he is less than excited about leaving the Sea of the Damned for the Sea of Thieves. His friends will seek to convince him, and you’ll give him his compass to show him what he really wants.

Once Jack agrees to go to the Sea of Thieves and join you, return to your ship. Sail through the portal and return to the Sea of Thieves. Jack will bid you goodbye for now and disappear, and that will complete the third Tall Tale in A Pirate’s Life, as well as our Captains of the Damned guide.

At this point, you will receive the Commendation for “Captain of the Damned”.

Come back soon for more guides and walkthroughs for Sea of Thieves!

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