When we last left off in our Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life Tall Tale Walkthrough, you and your brave crew had navigated the caverns and taken the waterslide to a checkpoint. Now, fully rested, your crew is ready for more adventure!

The following is Part 2 of the Sea of Thieves guide for A Pirate’s Life. If you’re looking to start at the beginning, turn back now.

Into the Sailor’s Grave

As you approach the community, you’ll find another set of doors that you can’t open manually. Ready to light something else ablaze?

On your left, you will spot a brazier. Light it, and the town will light up in a very piratey version of the “light the beacons” scene from Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

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Once the beacons are lit, more ghosts will appear, this time lifting a capstan and using it to open the gates for you. You’re inside!

Next, we’ll need to find the Cursed Captain and rescue him from his prison. As you proceed into the city, you’ll hear a voice calling to you. You guessed it – that’s our Cursed Captain.

Continue following the sound of the voice. You’ll see the Sailor’s Grave sign to your right – that means you’re heading the right direction. When you come to the captain, he will be high above you in a cage. And he’s asking for your help.

Rescue the captain

When you are beneath the captain, look to your left. You will see stairs leading up toward a ship. At first it seems like you will be able to reach the captain via the ship, but you won’t be able to get to him that way. You’ll have to go across the broken mast to the other side.

Once you’ve crossed the mast, drop down through the large hole in the hull into the water. Swim across, and look around until you find a pulley next to a platform. Using the pulley, lift your crew to higher ground. It does lower back down once you let go of the pulley, so beware lest ye want do do it again!

On the right, there will be a door that says it requires a Captain’s Key. You won’t get that until later, so don’t worry about it for now. On the left, there is another pulley. Head over to that.

Use the pulley to raise the platform that’s filled with a bunch of cargo. Good news – it doesn’t lower back after you let go, so you won’t be crushed if you don’t get under it fast!

To the right, you’ll head to another pulley. This pulley controls two platforms – one from each side of the large gap. If you use the pulley to move the platforms towards the middle just enough, you and your crew can make the jumo. Just jump to one platform, then the other, and finally to the other side.

You’re almost there! Use the bowsprit to climb to our Cursed Captain. He will beg you to let him down easy, but what’s the fun in that. You’ll spot another rope, and there will be a prompt stating “requires lantern to ignite”. You can light the rope, or just use your sword.

This will send the captain’s cage falling to the ground. Again, if you jump down from the bowsprit it won’t kill you (it will take some health though).

Unlock the cage to free the captain

The fall doesn’t break the cage, and our new friend still needs our help.

Of course you don’t have the key, but we’re told it’s in the tavern. Head south and look for a ship with a sign saying “The Last Stand” hanging on it. That’s the place.

The key is on the chandelier, and we’ll have to have a bit more fun with pulleys to get it. On the middle deck of the tavern, there is a pulley that raises and lowers the chandelier. Use it and go get the key!

Now, return to the captain and use the key to set him free. He’s just a skull in his current form, so you or one of your crewmates will have to carry him around the town.

When you free the captain, you’ll receive your next Commendation. Tales of the dead: “Do a good deed for a Cursed Captain” will appear on your screen.

Begin heading in the direction of the lighthouse. Don’t worry, it’s huge and easy to spot. As you arrive, you’ll come to a bridge that you can’t cross. Just hang out for a second and let our new friend the captain do his thing. Watch as the bridge suddenly becomes functional, allowing you to cross.

Now you’re at the lighthouse. Climb it all the way to the top. There are several stages where you climb the steps and walk on platforms outside of it before you reach the top.

Once there, you will see the brazier for the lighthouse. A prompt of “Raise Lantern to ignite Lighthouse” will appear.

There are two wheels attached to the brazier. One moves the light side to side, and the other moves it up and down. In the distance, there are three beacons that need to be lit using the light. The first will be to the southwest, and there will be two more to the left of that.

Once all three are lit, the Ferry of the Damned will be summoned and you’ll be able to see it sailing into port.

Finally, lighting the beacons will get you another Commendation. “Waiting for eternity: Restore lost light and summon a rescue” will appear on screen. Congrats!

Use the Captain’s Key

Our friend the Cursed Captain wants to return to his old ship. It’s time to get him back to the Golden Hare.

He tells you that it’s the ship with red sails, and it’s very easy to spot. Before you head there, make sure you have everything you want to do in Sailor’s Grave. After completing what you have to do at the captain’s ship, many side quests and commendations won’t be available anymore.

When you are on the Golden Hare and the captain is reunited with his old body, he will give you the key to his cabin. This is where our brave crew says goodbye to the captain and continues on with our treacherous journey.

Use the cabin key to find a rowboat waiting for you. You’ll use the rowboat to travel to the Ferry of the Damned. If you don’t remember where it went, just row south and you’ll find it once you pass the lighthouse.

The Ferryman is bringing souls to his ship, and he’s bringing you another checkpoint! You’ve reached another stage in this tall tale where you’ll be able to return later if you want to!

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