Aye aye, Captain! The Sea Of Thieves new epic adventure is finally among us. The expansion “A Pirate’s Life” brings the cinematic universe of Pirates of the Caribbean to the online sea exploration game along with a fresh storyline. Here’s what you can expect from the expansion, which started development in early 2020.

Sea Of Thieves: A Pirate's Life is a crossover between Rare's pirate game and Disney's Pirates Of Caribbean.

New Storyline, Side Quests, Locations and More

As a result of an unlikely partneship between Rare and Disney, the DLC is regarded as the “biggest and most impactful” one Sea Of Thieves has ever received. The new adventure brings to the game tons of new content players has always dreamed of, including new tales and quests. To demonstrate that, Rare developers revealed we can expect a new storyline that ranges between 8 to 12 hours of gameplay.

And yes, differently from the previous DLCs, this one is focused on the campaign experiece rather than the PvP adventures. Hence, enemy players won’t be able to ambush your ship while you’re on one of the new special locations. Two of them are the Sea Of Damned and The Suken, which brings new secrets and enemies.

Despite not allowing PvP in certain moments, the new campaign won’t be a cakewalk. While vising those new areas, you’ll meet brand new enemies who reside in the sea. Disparetely from the well-known skeletons, the new Ocean Crawlers are able to board the ship and attack your crew. Therefore, you should watch the water closely! It should be made clear the Crawlers will appear on the rest of the map as well.

Jack Sparrow Waits For You In Sea Of Thieves

But of course, one of the most antecipated aspects of Sea Of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life are the characters, such as Captain Jack Sparrow ans Davy Jones.

The main one, Jack Sparrow, will be one the first AI companions ever featured in Sea Of Thieves. He will stroll arround the deck of your ship and let you know when the vessel is running out of supplies. Despite the fact you can’t control Jack, you’ll be allowed to disguise just like him. Sparrow’s skin is available for everyone, with no real currency needed, in the restocked emporium.

Along with him, the story introduces a new character, the Cursed Captain, a skull who’ll give hints and share details of the lore with the team.

But what is a hero without a villain? As you probably already know, the main antagonist of Pirates Of Caribbean universe is Davy Jones. The captain of the Flying Dutchman will also appear in SOT as one of the villains to be defeated. However, Rare hasn’t made it clear whether he is part of the gameplay or not.

Davy Jones is back to conquer the seas of Sea Of Thieves.

Even more than that, A Pirate’s Life adds the new weapon The Trident, along with events, 100 levels of rewards and more. So, Seaman, what are you waiting to sail your ship to the sea? Jack Sparrow waits for you!

A Pirate’s Life is now available on Xbox Series, Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. You can play it for free if you own the game or have access to it via Game Pass.  

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