In the latest of our MLB The Show 21 tips series, we cover how to get the card everyone knew was coming someday. The card that will rival the 99 overall Michael Vick from days of Madden NFL past. Yes, Diamond Dynasty players, the 99 Overall Shohei Ohtani card is here in MLB The Show 21. It arrived this week as part of the Team Affinity Season 3 program.

But, it won’t be easy to get.

Team Affinity Season 3

The third season of the Team Affinity program launched this week. Like the other seasons, you will earn TA points by completing tasks, moments, collections, and more.

TA points apply to each different division individually, so there are six different Season 3 programs to work towards.

Some tasks are repeatable, such as earning 100 plate appearances with players from the requisite division. Others, like moments, collections, and conquest, can only be done once per division.

At different TA point milestones, you’ll earn different rewards, including a choice of five high diamond All-Star players cards. There is one card per each team in the respective division.

Unlike previous Team Affinity seasons, you only need 100 TA points to get all five All-Star players from each respective division. Prior Team Affinity seasons in MLB The Show 21 required 150 points to earn all five.

Build the Collection

To earn the 99 Overall Shohei Ohtani card, you will need to start by earning every single Team Affinity Season 3 2021 All-Star card. That will get you 30 of the 46 cards necessary to complete the collection.

The best way to quickly earn TA points to get these players is to complete exchanges if you have enough players in your collection, or complete moments.

You can also complete repeatable tasks quickly if you build a team of players that are all from the same division, and play online. You will earn TA points for plate appearances, plate appearances online, and a host of other things like strikeouts, hits, and total bases online and offline.

As you earn All-Star cards (starting at 30 TA points), plug them into your lineup for that division. Each 2021 All-Star card has a task that can be completed to earn more TA points too.

You will earn a 2021 All-Star card at 30, 50, 70, 85, and 100 TA points in each division.

Take a look at one way to complete each Team Affinity Season 3 program quickly to earn all 30 cards.

Collect the Rest

To get the 99 Ohtani card as part of your Diamond Dynasty lineup, you’ll need to earn all 30 of the Team Affinity All-Star players above. You’ll also need to collect 16 other cards.

These 16 cards can be obtained by collecting players from the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game series. You’ll need to spend some stubs to get these players, but if you earn at least 50 program points in the Ronald Acuna, Jr All-Star program, you’ll earn a pack for each series to help you get started.

If you earn the 99 Overall Acuna card itself, it can also be applied to the collection for the Ohtani 99 Overall card.

Here are the cards available in each of these series:

Home Run Derby:

  • Shohei Ohtani, RF, 95 OV
  • Salvador Perez, C, 95 OV
  • Matt Olson, 1B, 95 OV
  • Joey Gallo, RF, 95 OV
  • Trevor Story, SS, 97 OV
  • Juan Soto, RF, 97 OV
  • Trey Mancini, 1B, 98 OV
  • Pete Alonso, 1B, 99 OV
  • Ryne Sandberg 1990, 2B, 97 OV
  • Yoenis Cespedes 2014, LF, 97 OV
  • Prince Fielder 2012, 1B, 99 OV
  • Joc Pederson 2019, LF, 90 OV

All-Star Game:

  • Xander Bogaerts, SS, 96 OV
  • Liam Hendriks, CP, 96 OV
  • Lance Lynn, SP, 97 OV
  • J.T. Realmuto, C, 98 OV
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr, 1B, 99 OV
  • Freddy Peralta, SP, 99 OV

Collecting 16 of those cards, as well as the entire Team Affinity All-Star series, will allow you to complete the collection and earn the 99 Overall Shohei Ohtani card.

You can get MLB The Show 21 for the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One here.

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