As a result of a leak by ESPN, Electronic Arts (EA) announced Madden NFL 22 today with a release date of August 20. The latest game in the franchise will feature both Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady on the cover. Madden 22 will mark only the second time in the series that two athletes have shared the cover, with the other being Madden 10, which featured Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald.

EA has promised a significant change to the popular Franchise mode in Madden 22, including many of the fans’ most requested features. Heading up the changes to Madden NFL 22 is the inclusion of Dynamic Gameday. Dynamic Gameday “leverages the power of next generation consoles to deliver the raw energy, emotion, and unpredictability of the NFL”.

A different way to experience gameday

In Madden 22, Dynamic Gameday will consist of three major components: Gameday Atmosphere, Gameday Momentum, and Next-Gen Stats: Star-Driven AI. Gameday Atmosphere will consist of the stadium experience – the crowds, stadium environments, and presentation that will each have an effect on every game played. Gameday Momentum will introduce homefield advantage into the Madden series in a new way. Whether it will look similar to the homefield advantage feature in past NCAA Football games is unclear, but that was a fun addition to the series. It gave the feel that you were in truly hostile territory when you were in the Horseshoe or any huge stadium as the road team. A change like that would be welcome in Madden 22.

The third aspect of Dynamic Gameday, Next-Gen Stats: Star-Driven AI, will track real world player date during the NFL season. Then, Madden 22 will use that data to tailor the AI of each team to make it behave more like it’s real world counterpart. This has the potential to be a significant addition to the Madden NFL series if it works. In past iterations, teams in the game often performed the way experts predicted they would before the season started. Now, team behaviors will change and evolve to mirror their real world counterparts.

Is this the year Franchise mode gets the upgrades?

“Last year, we had more players than ever in Madden and we’re looking forward to bringing a new experience in Madden NFL 22 that will be more emotional, authentic, and realistic with Dynamic Gameday improving gameplay across the game,” Seann Graddy, executive producer of Madden 22 said.  “We’re always collecting feedback from our players to improve Madden NFL with each edition and in real time with our live service during the year. We’ll continue that approach this year, including doubling down on our commitment to Franchise, maintaining the momentum we started in Madden NFL 21,by delivering more of the top-requested Franchise features both at launch and throughout the season.”

Franchise mode will receive upgrades to staff management, weekly game strategy, and a new skill tree system. Franchise mode will also receive multiple free updates throughout the season. The Yard, the newest addition to the Madden franchise last year, will receive a single-player campaign in Madden 22. Also returning this year will be Face of the Franchise, Superstar KO, Online Versus, and Ultimate Team.

The best in the game

While not being their first time on the cover of Madden NFL, both Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes expressed their excitement at sharing the Madden 22 cover.

“It’s a great experience being on the cover of Madden NFL 22 with Patrick. We both share a love for the game of football and to be a part of this iconic franchise is very special,” said Tom Brady, quarterback of the defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Likewise, Patrick Mahomes is excited about what Madden 22 has to offer.

“This is only the second time two athletes have been on the cover together and we’re both eager for fans to dig into Dynamic Gameday which makes the game more immersive, authentic and keeps it fresh year-round.”

When you can play Madden NFL 22

Madden 22 releases on August 20, 2021 on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles. If you pre-order the Dynasty or MVP editions, you’ll be able to play the game three days early on August 17.

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