Alien artifacts are resources used in Fortnite Season 7 to personalize Kymera, the customizable alien skin included in this season’s Battle Pass. Every week a handful of artifacts are hidden around the map. Collecting one artifact on the map will net you with four artifacts to spend in the customization screen.

That means collecting all five hidden artifacts this week will land you with a generous twenty alien artifacts to use however you want! Here are their locations.

#1 Alien Artifacts in Steamy Stacks

The first artifact this week is located in Steamy Stacks. Make your way to the West side of the middle building and onto the singular pipe placed on the wall. Grab it for your first 4 artifacts of the week.

The alien artifact sitting on top of a pipe outside of an industrial building with the number '4' painted on the outside

#2 – Alien Artifacts in Lazy lake

Head behind the first white and yellow building in the North of Lazy Lake and into the wide shed. The second artifact of the week will be in plain sight.

The alien artifact sitting in a dark shed surrounded by boxes and shelves

#3 – Dirty Docks

Artifact 3 is less obvious, but still very easy to find. Land in the East of Dirty Docks and to back entrance of the large warehouse. Instead of going in, however, look under the stairs and grab another 4 artifacts for Kymera.

The alien artifact floating underneath metal stairs leading into a large warehouse

#4 – Weeping Woods

Land on right side of the roof on the smaller of the two houses in the East of Weeping Woods. Simply break down the part of the roof and jump on the artifact to collect it. Easy!

The broken roof of a house with our character peering in. The alien artifact is floating between the ceiling and the floor.

#5 – Holly Hedges

The fifth and final artifact awaits you at Holly Hedges. Land in the middle area with the abundance of outdoor shelves. You’ll find the last artifact hiding under one of the large yellow shelves.

The alien artifact is floating underneath large industrial shelves

Where to find more artifacts

You can earn yourself some extra artifacts by opening Cosmic Chests, diamond-shaped containers that randomly appear across the map. Cosmic Chests are only available in Duos and above and require cooperation from your whole team to open.

Everyone in your squad must approach the chest, which will start a five minute timer. The chest will then link itself with a random squad mate via a pink beam; this signifies that they will need to hit the chest with their harvesting tool. The beam will switch from player to player until the chest eventually opens, rewarding your squad with plenty of rare loot and a few alien artifacts.

Only 15 Fortnite alien artifacts from Cosmic Chests can be earned per week, however this number stacks from previous weeks and will not reset. That means you can currently earn up to 60 artifacts from Cosmic Chests, so get hunting!

What do you think about the alien artifact system in Fortnite? How have you customized your Kymera? Let us know over on our Discord, where you can join our growing community!

Don’t forget to come back to Generation Xbox next Thursday for Week 5’s alien artifacts!

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