Grounded presents an assortment of creatures that players have to be cautious of. The Hedge Broodmother however, must be hunted down and requires specific actions to be completed before it will appear. Here is how to find and defeat the Broodmother.

Obsidian Entertainment’s Grounded Shroom and Doom update introduces The Broodmother as the first official boss encounter. This creature can be defeated to obtain rewards and unlock new achievements. 

Finding The Broodmother’s Lair

To find the Broodmother’s lair, go to the Hedge area located at the right corner of the map. Once there, look for the Flingman Flying Disc Landmark. There are some branches near the Flying Disc that will lead you into a webbed hole. You will find the Broodmother’s den the further into the tunnel you go.

Summoning The Hedge Broodmother

Summoning Hedge Broodmother boss

The Hedge Broodmother will not appear if you go to her lair. You will need to concoct the “Broodmother BLT” in order to spawn the boss. Players will need access to the oven in order to make it.

Oven Recipe

Broodmother BLT Recipe

After collecting the necessary items to create the recipe, you’ll need to stock up on essential items in preparation for the boss fight. Obtain as many healing items and stamina replenishing items as possible, as well as equip yourself with any weapons and armors you think you’ll need.

When you’re ready to challenge the Hedge Broodmother, go to her lair and place the BLT bait by the open egg sacs. The Broodmother will descend from above and the boss battle will commence.

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Fighting The Hedge Broodmother

Hedge Broodmother

Once the fight begins, select the weapon you prefer to engage with. For instance, a bow (such as the Crow Crossbow or Insect Bow), Ant Club (use our guide here to get an Ant Club quickly), or Mint Mace may be your weapon of choice.

If close combat is the style you’re most comfortable with, focus on well-timed blocks and then striking with the club or mace. Stamina-rejuvenating items are key here, as melee oriented combat drains your energy, as does blocking too much. Blocking also causes damage to your weapons. Ladybug or Acorn armor are great defensive options which grant enhanced blocking capabilities, and extra health. Grub Armor is an alternative for maximizing stamina for offense.

If you prefer to maintain distance with the Broodmother, then use a bow of your choice while equipping yourself with the Marksman’s Cap. Be mindful, the Crow Crossbow has superior damage output compared to other bows but has slower reload times. The Insect Bow on the other hand, is an upgrade from the Sprig Bow and used the same way but with higher damage output.

The Hedge Broodmother will occasionally spawn reinforcements, so Splatburst bombs are a viable option for dealing with the minions, as long as you’re able to keep enough distance from them.

What did you think of the different ways to fight the Broodmother in Grounded? How have you prepared for the fight against the first boss? Let us know in the comments below or over on our Discord, where you can join our growing community!

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